Receptions 2 Remember, LLC

For your special day

Receptions 2 Remember, LLC is an individually owned company working to give you the individual attention you deserve to make your day special. I will work with you to get you the look and feel you desire.

I have worked with crafts since I was young. Experimenting with several media to express my creativity. I became involved with reception decorating while helping with church benefits, neices' weddings, and my parents' anniversary celebration.

When two of my daughters decided to get married two months apart, I siezed the opportunity to start my reception decorating business. Each of them wanted their own individual style. I was able to give each of them their own special day, with their desired look and feel, while using the same linens and vases.

Locally or Nationwide. Rentals or full service decorating or planning. I'm here to make your day special.


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